Server setup and maintenance

We believe in server full utilization. We go for server virtualization!

Server virtualization is a proven technology that enables multiple virtual machines to run on a single physical server. Each virtual machine is completely isolated from other machines and is decoupled from the underlying host by a thin layer of software known as a hypervisor. This allows each virtual machine to run different operating systems and applications. Because the machines have been decoupled from the underlying host, the guest can also be moved from one physical server host to another while running, this is known as live migration. These attributes are transforming how organizations approach virtual computing.
We have experience and skill for ZenServer virtualization.
XenServer is the enterprise-ready, cloud-proven virtualization platform that contains all the capabilities required to create and manage a virtual infrastructure. It is trusted by demanding organizations to run the most mission critical applications and used by the largest clouds. Israk can help you start building your virtual infrastructure with community edition (FREE) server virtualization software from Citrix.
  • Cuts energy costs.
  • Increases IT agility and efficiency.
  • Improves performance and user productivity.

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